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Huge giveaway of book-themed swag from Prayer of the Handmaiden, running until 4/17/15! Prize packs include collectible buttons, tote bags, jewelry and a handmade set of plush character dolls... don't miss it!

Merry Shannon

Merry Shannon is a writer, costumer, and full-time social worker living in sunny Denver. Her stories are filled with adventure, fantasy, and plenty of sweet 'n sexy girl-on-girl romance.

Newest Release

The long-awaited second book in the Legends of Ithyria series - sequel to the Goldie Award-winning Sword of the Guardian. Celibate priestess Kadrian must defend the kingdom of Ithyria from a dangerous enemy, and ultimately choose between her duty to the Goddess and the love of her childhood sweetheart, Erinda. Now available for pre-order!

Deleted Scenes

New section of the site, devoted to scenes that hit the cutting room floor before the books hit the shelves!

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Giveaway Extended!

Well, friends, as it turns out I ended up having to make some last minute plans to leave the country – I’m sitting in a hotel in Athens, Greece as I type this! Bad news is, this means I’m not able to draw names for the big swag giveaway just yet. But the good news? There’s…

Book Recommendation: When Women Were Warriors

Okay, this is technically a books recommendation, plural, because this story is spread out over three volumes: The Warrior’s Path, A Journey of the Heart, and  A Hero’s Tale. But in my opinion this is really one long novel, broken into three easier-to-publish pieces. Plan to read all three, because you won’t get the actual…

Happy Book Birthday!

Good morning, friends and readers – today is the official book birthday for Prayer of the Handmaiden! ♥   It also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. I racked my brain to come up with a clever holiday-to-book connection I could blog about today, but other than Erinda’s green hair ribbons and Kade’s status as…

Book Recommendation: The Pyramid Waltz

Starting this off with full disclosure: this book is part of the Bold Strokes Books family, and if you will recall, I was at Denver Pride last year with Barbara Ann Wright and a couple other BSB authors, so I’ve had the chance to hang with her in person a bit and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. That…

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